Welcome to OlaFC: the flight controller for everyone.

We made the world's first one-sided, 20x20-mounting flight controller. With large soldering pads and optional 30x30 mounting, it's built for all skill levels.

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OlaFC was developed from the ground up in the United States of America to provide the most diverse set of features in the smallest form-factor. All of this with superb reliability.

Large soldering pads

Allows for easy soldering. No more killing your flight controller via solder bridges.

30x30 or 20x20 mounting

It's your choice. Break off the tabs to fully utilize the 20x20 mounting system.

One-sided board

Allows for easy mounting of components on the flight controller, making builds clean.

Where to Buy

Coming to your favorite FPV retailers soon!

Technical Specifications



IMU (Gyro)



Max7456 Equivalent (Betaflight Support)

vBatt to +5v Regulator System

30v (6s HV) 3 amp. regulator for super clean power. More than enough for 5v VTX and LEDs.

ESC Connector

8-pin Genuine JST

3.3v LDO Regulator

Dual +3v3 LDOs: one for OSD and MCU, and one for Gyro. Results in smoother gyro lines due to to gyro being on an independent regulator than other components.

VTX Kill

Dual (5v and vBatt) 1 amp.+


High quality gold with large solder pads.